QUESTION: What we do?
ANSWER: We design graphics for T–Shirts
based on philosophy of your brand.

1. Define Purpose and Theme:
• Determine the purpose of the message.
• Choose a theme that aligns with the purpose.

2. Target Audience:
• We identify your target audience to tailor the design to their
preferences and interests.

3. Sketch ideas:
• Sketch rough ideas on paper or digitally to visualize the
design concept.

4. Typography and Fonts:
• Choose appropriate fonts that complement the theme.
• Experiment with typography to enhance the visual appeal.

5. Color Palette:
• Select a color palette that resonates with the theme and your brand.
• Ensure good contrast for readability and aesthetics.

6. Imagery and Graphics:
• Incorporate relevant images or graphics that convey the intended message.
• Keep it simple and avoid clutter.

7. Balance and Composition:
• Ensure a balanced composition with proper placement of elements.
• Pay attention to symmetry and visual harmony.

8. Brand Elements:
• If applicable, include brand elements such as logos or slogans.

9. Mockup and Feedback:
• Create a digital mockup of the design.
• Gather feedback from stakeholders or potential wearers.

10. Finalize and Refine:
• Make necessary adjustments based on feedback.
• Pay attention to details and refine the design for a polished look.

11. File Preparation:
• Prepare high-resolution files for printing.
• Consider different file formats depending on the printing method.

12. Printing Considerations:
• Be aware of the printing method (screen printing, DTG, etc.)
and its limitations.
• Optimize the design for the chosen printing technique.

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